Digital Marketing

With the increasing number of social media platforms, brands have a wider range of tools to choose from to engage with their clients and customers. Although this is a very lucrative opportunity for brands to interact with their target market, 


yet this medium needs to be utilized carefully and professionally as it goes a long way in position the brand. Biztec’s team of social media specialists manage your social media presence, so you don’t have to. Our teams are experienced in managing client’s presence in a variety of social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. 


The following is the range of social media services that we provide 
•    Social space setup 
•    Initial thrust by generating a sizable number of followers 
•    Social content creation 
•    Social content visual design 
•    Interacting with fans (responding to comments, suggestion and queries) 
•    Sales oriented posting (for brands looking to generate sales online) 
•    Integration with corporate websites 
•    Integration with ecommerce websites 
•    Blog setups 
•    Blog posting 
•    Weekly / Monthly reporting