Customized On-demand Home Services Solutions

Make your home service brand more swift, engaging and fulfilling. Our on-demand home services app is conditioned with users’ service
searching behavior and patterns while they browse the app. Furthermore, our app is designed to satisfy all the stakeholders like customer,
service provider and admin with intuitive functionalities that facilitates ease of operations.

Customer App

User Registration

Sign up and login by email, phone no and personal details

Browse Services

User can see list of service categories, sub-categories in the app

Search Services

User can search for the desired service and filter by ratings, costs, location etc.

View Service Providers

Upon selecting a service, user can select a service man from the list.

View Details

View complete details of the service man including distance away, charges, ratings etc.

Book Services

User can book the services now or schedule it for a later time.

Add location

User can tap on current location or manually select a location on map.


User can select either of payment modes like online or cash payment.

View Status

User can check the progress of service man like request accepted, arriving etc.


User can rate and give feedback of the service man in the app.


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Partner App


Easy Registration

Service man can register using email, phone no and personal details.

Edit Location

Enter location and select the radius of operation Servicemen can provide service in.

Booking Requests

The service man can accept/reject the booking request

Rate and Review

The service provider can also rate and review the customer behavior.

Manage Payments

Manage the list of payments pending, cancelled or successfully transferred.

Account Verification

Service Man’s account will be verified from Admin and then he can login.

Manage Availability

The service man has the option to move online/offline.

Service Status

Upon accepting the booking, he can update the service status like arrived, started service etc.

My Bookings

The service man can check pending, upcoming, cancelled and past bookings.

View Ratings

The rating and review provided by the customer can be viewed here.