R&D Center

  • Technology has become an essential part of business and plays a vital role in business, industry and throughout the world touching every aspect of our lives. You need to have IT to make your business competitive. Technology can represent more risk than most other areas of business. This is primarily due to the fact that technology affects every aspect of business, from day-to-day operations to long term goals.
    Dimension Info Solution understands the necessity of technology and has always initiated information sharing for global competency. The objective of CORAD is DELIVER KNOWLEDGE and emphasizes on sharing information based on latest technology trends, industry analysis, market insights, and core research. The depths and the heights of our research and development is exceptional delivering the following information

    IT Technologies

    Information based on current and upcoming IT technologies that would help industries to capitalize on several concepts of information technology for business enhancements. Sample Topics : Operating Systems / Networking / Application Development / Client-Server / Web / Internet / WAP / MCOM.

    IT Management

    Many companies have faced one of two major setbacks in the development of information systems. Some businesses implement new systems that fail to meet critical strategic requirements. Others fail to leverage the components of their existing systems - which should be retained or at least reflected in their new systems. Both are expensive setbacks. But both can be avoided with proper planning. This section helps businesses to adopt Strategic Information and to manage information systems which would help them to meet their critical strategic requirements. Sample Topics : CRM / Sourcing Strategies / Outsourcing / BPR / SCM / Data-Warehousing / Enterprise Development.

    People Management

    One of the exclusive section of DIS that also imparts and deliver, are the information based on Management Skills, Workplace Attitude & Behavior, Human Resource and Organization Skills. It provides clients with the knowledge and advice that they need to capitalize on the skills and talents of their employees. It also covers surveys, evaluations, assessments, with regards to understanding employee attitude and behavior.
    The credibility of CORAD lies in its comprehensive information and knowledge delivered at high value. Apart from the information delivered to our clients, we also have a team which caters to our clients request based on any specific technology information or input. No matter, what the challenge or complexity, CORAD will cover them all.