2D animation is the traditional animation method that has existed since the late 1800s. It is one drawing followed by another in a slightly different pose, followed by another in a slightly different pose, on and on for 24 frames a second. Traditionally these were put together in an amazing process where artists drew pencil drawings of every frame of film, then these images were painted onto clear plastic sheets called ‘cels’, and each of the thousands of handrawn and painted cels were photographed one at a time over a hand painted background image and those thousands of images compiled to run as film at 24 frames a second.

Today most 2D animation involves using computer software to one degree or another, from just digitally coloring the cels to be photographed in the traditional method, to doing every single element in the computer.


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What is 3D technology? In simple words, 3D technology stands for three-dimensional technology that offers a wide array of possibilities in near future in almost every walk of life and especially in entertainment segment. The use of 3d technology in TVs, laptops and other products is growing because the basic content required to support such products includes sports and movies. Lately, the technology has been successful in earning quite a momentum as a valid, widely adopted entertainment technology.

3D technology explained here also points to an important fact that it is not just confined to films being shown in theaters and now the broadcasts made by televisions and direct-to-video films have also started to incorporate similar methods, principally for marketing purposes.

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